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Design a suit to suit you – featured on

February 4, 2012

It’s common place to make your own sandwich – choosing the bread, contents and garnish. Everyone is familiar with choosing your pizza toppings and flavours of ice cream but now Designasuit gives you the opportunity to design your own suit. By giving the customer the power of a tailor direct to your fingertips at

The step by step guide spells it out in a few easy steps to designing your own suit. It’s an excellent idea I designed my suit in no time at all. No matter what the purpose – casual, business or for that special occasion the site was so straight forward it’s hard to go wrong. If like me your no expert in suits each stage and feature is spelt out and illustrated clearly for your seal of approval. What’s more if you are unhappy you can go back and amend your choice – I asked myself the question would a single or double breasted blazer suit me better with the collar and pockets style I was after. A few clicks later I could see for myself as the suit I design was presented in front of me.

All suits are made from a durable wool and cashmere blend and priced the same. With a reputation for quality you too can feel the celebrity suit experience. It has to be said Designasuit encourages control allowing users to upload images that have caught the eye and inspired.

Full marks for usability everything is spelt out and clear to use putting you the designer in the driving seat. Payment was no problem the site caters for all the leading Credit Cards and PayPal too. Delivery is quick and free my suit designed, made seal and delivered all within 21 working days.


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  1. This article was published on Designasuit back in 2010. The website is no longer up and running. You may find it on their blog –

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