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Baracuta – a snap shot

February 16, 2012

1937 John Miller gained permission to use the Fraser tartan. By 1939 both John and Isaac Miller owners of a garment factory on Chorlton Street, Manchester saw they dream and designed a revolutionary waterproof jacket, yet little did they know what a profound effect on the world it was about to have. In 1947 the G9 jacket was described in the media as being the best rainwear. By the 1950s through its popular growth Isaac saw an opportunity to grasp and expand in America and Canada. In 1954 Elvis wore the G9 jacket in the film ‘King Creole’ already creating an icon. In the 1960s the Baracuta G9 jacket was proving even more popular, Steve McQueen was pictured on the front of Life magazine wearing one. In 1964 actor Ryan O’Neal wears the G9 jacket in the soap ‘Peyton Place’ its named the ‘Harrington’. In 1970 professional golfer Arnold Palmer launches his own golf collection with the help of Baracutas G9 Harrington. By 1980 the G9 Harrington becomes popular with Brit punks, in 1981 the Clash wore them for their string of gigs in New York’s time square. Today the popularity of the Baracuta G9 Harrington is just as popular having been worn by many well known celebrities that include Razorlight, Frank Sinatra, Pete Doherty, The Charlatans, Liam Gallagher, Thierry Henry and James Bond star.

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