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The Wow factor with packaging

March 1, 2012

The other week I ordered a pair of jeans from I missed the delivery so I had to collect from my local DHL depot. I was told that my consignment weighed 1.4kg – for a pair of jeans, surely something wrong here!

On being presented with my consignment I was stunned to hold such a fancy package – what a box to encase a pair of jeans. On further inspection when I returned home I could not believe what I was seeing – check out the fancy bow and wrapping. Why can all web orders come like this?

It was then when it hit me, were Matches trying to impress or was this a stealth exercise? Matches normally charge a whopping £8.00 for delivery, which I think is excess. I didn’t pay delivery I used a voucher from a voucher site. I soon found out what the £8.00 covered. Do you think this experience was worth £8.00? The shock was greatly received and I suppose you can argue that if you order a fancy Westwood suit or something that’s equal then £8.00 is nothing, but why charge it anyway? Nevertheless, keep up the good work Matches. Keep impressing everyone, but everyone keep your eyes peeled for the free delivery options. A tip for the future Matches make delivery less expensive!



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