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Driving passed Poland’s National Stadium

August 1, 2012

Getting close up and personal with Poland’s national stadium was definitely an experience to savor after watching Poland’s second game against Russia in the city’s fan camp joined by what seemed like in excess of over 1 million people and then getting lost with a crazy local taxi driver aloud a close up drive past an amazing futuristic stadium that has landed along the river in the capital. People say it looks like a flying saucer and they are definitely not wrong.

Driving past the National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

e Driving past the National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland

It’s stunning – amazing a giant lattice encapsulating the huge 50’000 capacity stadium (up to 72,900 during concerts and other events) in the colours of the nation’s national flag which many and I agree does look like a crown – fitting a national stadium that looks like a crown. Others including the official Euro 2012 programme describe the facade of the stadium like a waving Polish national flag which in a way embraces the history of the site of the stadium that of the former 10th-Anniversary Stadium.

As we all know this stadium played host to the opening game of Euro 2012 which was one of the six that the stadium hosted during the tournament including the tournament’s first semi final. My conclusion, a stadium definitely worthy of national stadium status!

Did you know –
The stadium took three years to construct between 2008 and November 2011?


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