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The Bourne Legacy is no Legacy

January 15, 2013

If you’re a purist like me you would have never have dreamt that there would be yet another Bourne movie to grace the big screen. Like me you’d have scratched your head and thought how on earth are they going to do this? Would Matt Damon come back after jumping of a bridge after being mysteriously shot as he entered the Hudson river? Probably not, even this would be too farfetched. The only possible and plausible story would be that of a prequel and a youngster, maybe an unknown taking the lead.

I was shocked as it all became clear after reading the films tag line ‘you didn’t think there was only going to be one did you’ – it was explained! After thinking about it, of course there was going to be more than one super hot shot assassin that could do everything.

chris marsden blog bourne-legacy-advertising poster

Bourne Legacy poster

The movie was slow to get going, yes – the scene did need to be set and the story told how Aaron Cross is a more advance version of an efficient every day looking assassin. But for me the story has been spoilt and it’s as if the writers have opened up pandoras box of having yet more Bourne films just like the James Bond franchise where new more advance agents are on the quest to fulfil their remit and the CIA’s hidden agenda.

Many would argue this is a good thing, giving Bond a run for his money but unlike four Die Hard movies and three or four Missions that were supposed to be impossible Bond is in a league of his own, the motto here quite whilst you’re ahead. There’s only going to be three true Jason Bourne thrillers.

The movie is very good – excellent in it’s own right and standing on its own two feet but trying to pass it off as a Bourne film is just like the third and fourth terminator and the re make of the Italian Job – it just doesn’t work.


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