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Chris Marsden’s Skyfall Review

January 16, 2013

He’s back, celebrating his fiftieth year. Skyfall is slick, it’s neat and it is very, very British and said to be the best Bond movie ever. For me finally the movie that explains the previous two which features Daniel Craig as the secret agent with license to kill. Skyfall introduces some of the characters that we all love and know with Bond. Maybe we forget that the Daniel Craig three are all suppose to be set before that of the infamous first Bond, Dr No.

For me Javier Bardem was not that chilling as a Bond villain even though his character was incredible tapped. The villain had to be one of MI6’s own. All the major conflicts and scenarios have been covered in the previous 21 Bonds films, what else is there to cover apart from the war on terror? I’m sure Daniel Craig will cover this in his next two films.

It was merely a question of time when computers and the grey side of the internet was to influence a Bond movie, shades of Die Hard 4 for me, a nut case having the power to pull the strings of world destruction at his finger tips and as I left the cinema one fellow viewer likened the finally to Home Alone.  I do see where he was coming from though I think he was missing the point really.

Chris Marsden Skyfall review

Skyfall poster


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One Comment
  1. Yeah , i agree. Great bond movie. This and Casino Royale are two great entries in the “Craig” Bond category.
    Great song by Adele and a terribly beautiful title sequence plus some slick cinematography make Skyfall a must.
    Glad to have seen it.

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